Robert Moreland

Skilled Tradesman


STR: 16
CON: 13
POW: 12
DEX: 12
APP: 14

SIZ: 18
INT: 11
EDU: 15

SAN: 60

Hit Points: 16
Magic Points: 12
Sanity Points: 60

Idea: 50
Luck: 60
Knowledge: 75

Damage Bonus: 1d6

Career Skills:

Club: 75
Electrical Repair: 40
Fast Talk: 60
Fist/Punch: 80
Mechanical Repair: 75
Operate Heavy Machinery: 50
Persuade: 35

Hobby Skills:

Handgun: 60
Drive: 70
Library Use: 50
Cthulhu Mythos: 5


Robert is one of the original investigators to tangle with the resurrected occultist Douglas Pickering. For Robert, this experienced proved to be a lot to process. Seeing resurrected humans and in particularly the twisted, tormented remains of Douglas’s killer sent him into catatonia for a brief time. Since then, he’s managed to learn to cope with the events of that day last spring, but just barely.

Robert Moreland

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