Curse of Cthulhu

The Case of Paul LeMond's Disappearance

Six months after the incident with Douglas Pickering, Jacob and Robert gathered a group of dependable friends to help investigate the strange and the paranormal while David and Kelsey fled undercover to hide from Douglas and his mysterious compatriots.

At the first meeting of this group, Jacob received a phone call from one Irene LeMond, who had heard about the Pickering case and hoped Jacob and Robert and company could provide similar assistance to her. Her son, Paul, was missing, and absolutely no one was willing to help. In desperation she offered a large sum of money and transport to New York, where she and Paul lived.

While the rest of the crew was skeptical of Irene’s claims that Paul was psychic, Jacob and Robert were more concerned that they’d be no more help than the authorities. But the promise of ready money was tempting, and the group set out for New York.

Arriving just outside Manhattan, the group learned that Paul had been growing in popularity due to the alarming accuracy of his channeling and predictions. They at first began investigating Paul’s manager, Herbert Whitefield. In the process, however, they were approached by a man claiming to be an insurance investigator, but who seemed to be wearing a fake beard.

The group split up, with Chris choosing to shadow the insurance investigator, while the rest looked up on various leads and met with Herbert’s Secretary after work. She revealed her own suspicions of Herbert’s role in Paul’s disappearance, and gave them a key to Herbert’s office.

Meanwhile, Chris reported back that he’d followed the investigator and found the apartment he was using. While some went back to check out the apartment, the rest went to Whitefield’s office.

Inside the investigator’s apartment, the group discovered a startling projection of some sort of being with crablike claws, which while startling proved not to be dangerous. Of more importance were the evidence that they investigator had been following Paul for a long time, along with a partially translated copy of something called “The Pnakotic Manuscripts.” Taking both the paper, English translation and the original book, written on some sort of metal plates, they headed back to meet with their compatriots.

Meanwhile, at Herbert’s office they found evidence that he’d had Paul committed to an asylumn under a false name out of fear that his psychic gifts had caused a nervous breakdown. Before they could leave, however, a mysterious man (they suspected the investigator after the fact) attempted a drive by shooting and in the exchange of gunfire Rob took a bullet in the leg.

Rushing him back to Irene’s the group finally headed to get Paul out of the Aslyum, but discovered to their surprise the master of disguise insurance investigator was there already trying to strangle him. Jacob stepped forward and swung a punch, hitting the man so hard he accidentally killed him. After dealing with the police and freeing Paul, they returned to Irene, who offered to keep them on retainer if they would help her interpret Paul’s visions.

With Chris the only member of the group to have avoided seeing anything paranormal, the group agreed and has been working for Irene ever since.

The Case of Douglas Pickering
How it all began...

On an otherwise quiet night in May of 2015, a group of friends arrived at the home of David Pickering for a night of gaming and fun. What they found was a police investigation underway. Detectives claimed that David had been arrested after firing on police in Marietta, GA. Due to what seems to have been some sort of mental breakdown, David was placed inside Moccasin Bend Mental Hopsital for observation.

The group discovered a book within David’s house containing feverish notes regarding troubling dreams that David had been having for weeks. Most disturbing of all was a picture of a woodcut done of David’s ancestor, Douglas Pickering, who looked surprisingly like him.

Visiting David at the mental hospital, the investigators found something off about him, and decided to ignore his pleas for release in favor of further investigation. Examination of the journal led the group to a farmhouse near where David had been arrested, where to their shock they discovered the real David Pickering, shot and barely alive, along with a rusty key and a letter written in German. Calling an ambulance for David, they set off to check the farmhouse grounds.

Near the farmhouse, they uncovered a cave with a locked door inside of it. Daring the dark passageway, they found a horrible chamber with the restless dead locked in cage pits within the floor. Even worse, at the rear of the building , they found a mutilated and long dead body somehow returned to life and further deformed by dark magics. After learning from the living corpse that Douglas Pickering had been a necromatic wizard and was now somehow returned from the dead, they took pity on the poor man and acceded to his requests to return him to death.

They returned to Moccasin Bend to confront the one they were now sure was Douglas, the group was shocked to learn he had escaped and was on the loose! Determining that Douglas was sure to be after his descendant in order to kill him and steal his identity, they raced to the hospital just in time to confront the ancient warlock. Furious, Douglas unleashed magicks which threatened to kill the investigators but which luck and a hospital tray protected them from. Outnumbered and exposed, Douglas fled into a car waiting outside and was whisked away by persons unknown.

Since this case, David and Kelsey Pickering have fled underground for their safety, and to learn more about the world they’ve stumbled into. Only occasional letters with no return address exist to prove that the two are still alive. Roughly six months later, Jacob and Robert have started an organization dedicated to learning what happened and to keeping an eye out for more threats from beyond the veil of the normal. Its members are due to meet on a Tuesday night, when a phone call will set them all on a perilous path…


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