Rob Schonthaler

Stage Actor


STR: 14
CON: 10
POW: 9
DEX: 13
APP: 16

SIZ: 10
INT: 13
EDU: 12

SAN: 45

Hit Points: 10
Magic Points: 9
Sanity Points: 39

Idea: 65
Luck: 45
Knowledge: 60

Damage Bonus: 0

Career Skills:

Art: 30
Disguise: 25
Fast Talk: 80
Persuade: 75
Psychology: 60

Hobby Skills:

Blade: 50
Library Use: 50
Listen: 75
Spot Hidden: 50
Cthulu Mythos: 6
Latin: 45
German: 25


Extra Clothing
Pocket Knife
Dear Antler Knife
Romanian Phrase Book
Rasputin’s Diary (Russian)


Brotherhood of the Beast Exists Barn Hauptmann is related. Child Edward, 100 hundred years, Cornwallis. Prophecy. Cluj Romania – Castle Hauptmann. Hauptmann family expelled from Teutonic Order for some heresy. 1348 Louis of Hungary’s patrol lost, thought to be lost to banditry. 1389 Castle Hauptmann besieged by Turks, Turkish commander found mutilated and found drained of blood. 1628 Villagers storm castle, kill count. Under Turkish control until regained by Austria-Hungary; heir regained control.

1545: Baron unjust imprisonment and torture
1546: Baron Hauptmann VII excommunicated by eastern church
break out of Vampirism: no conclusions by church
1628: abduct peasant girl, then mangled body thrown from walls
1632: 1627 book from Hauptmann discovered (blasphemous) Baron kills peasant with his gaze. god lives under the castle. Storm the castle bearing pagan symbol, crucifix does nothing. Baron never found. Otherworldly beast found, sealed away.
Baron not thought to be vampire, also bachelor

Rob Schonthaler

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